The Hazzard Pay series follows the exploits of Eddie Hazzard, a down-on-his-luck, chain-smoking, hard-drinking private detective who finds himself caught up in one terrible situation after another. Through his wits and sheer dumb luck, he manages to solve cases way too big for him.

Charlie_Cottrell_F_3The Invisible Crown: Meet Eddie Hazzard: he’s tenacious, a certain kind of clever, and usually drunk. When a beautiful woman comes into his office and asks him to find her husband, Eddie takes the case because the alternative is having his creditors show up at his door and do terrible things to his limbs. But the case takes a series of bizarre turns, getting Eddie caught up in a tangled web of reluctant cops, sketchy businessmen, and shadowy crime bosses. The deeper he gets, the worse things look. Will Eddie solve the case? Will he save the day? Most importantly, will he get paid?

Charlie_Cottrell_8_ebook.jpgThe Hidden Throne: The city of Arcadia is under siege, and only Eddie Hazzard can save the day! At least, that’s what everyone keeps telling him. He’s not so sure himself. It doesn’t help that there are bizarre chemical explosives, a gun that can punch a hole clean through anything, and Eddie’s old mentor all mixed up in a gang war that might destroy the entire city. It’s the Boss and the Organization versus a new player, a man who will go to any lengths to get what he wants. Eddie, as per usual, is caught right in the middle of the whole mess, and he’s left with a question that might not have a right answer: is it better to stick to the devil you know, or take your chances with the unknown?

Charlie_Cottrell_1_ebookDeath Comes Calling: Death stalks the streets of Arcadia, and no one is safe. Eddie Hazzard’s mentor-turned-nemesis, John Bodewell, is out on parole and on his last legs. He’s looking to make amends, but Eddie isn’t having it. Then Bodewell turns up dead, and Eddie is left with a cryptic message from his old partner hinting that a secret of epic proportions is out there, just waiting to be discovered. Whether he likes it or not, Eddie has to solve the mystery Bodewell’s death left behind. But Eddie’s not the only one after Bodewell’s treasure. If he’s not careful, Eddie might end up just as dead as his old mentor.

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