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Three-Sentence Horror Stories

Here at the school where I teach, the Slam Poetry/Literary Magazine Club has signs up asking the students to write three-sentence horror stories. I thought I’d try my hand at it. Clarice folded her hands primly. Everything was ready. All that remained was for…

Flash Fiction: Valeria’s Song

Valeria the barbarian bard.

Flash Fiction: The Coat, Part 2

The exciting conclusion!

Flash Fiction: The Coat, Part 1

Part One of a new short story!


Tuesdays, amiright?

My Story

A brief story for you all.

Flash-Fiction Friday #1: Snake Handlers

  There are basically two types of tent revivals. First, there’s the hoopin’ an’ hollerin’, hallelujah-callin’ jumped up revivals, where everyone is dancin’ in the aisles and throwin’ their hands up in the air and shoutin’ praises. ┬áThere’s lots of singin’ – some of…