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You Wanna Ramble

So, in anticipation of the official announcement of my publishing deal with Royal James Publishing, I decided it’d be a good idea to have a blog dedicated just to my authorial ramblings.  I’m still doing the webcomic every weekday, and that won’t change, but I want to keep it somewhat separate from the novelist stuff.

I mean, this is turning into a professional deal, so I might as well treat it as such.

Anyway, I’ll talk about writing, the publishing process, maybe throw up a few sneak peeks if the publisher is willing.  That sort of stuff.  I’ll probably have some guest bloggers pop in, too, because that’s the sort of thing we do on these blogs, right?

In the meantime, feel free to follow me on Facebook, or Twitter, or Goodreads, or even Instagram (assuming you like random doodles and pictures of my cats, and if you’re on Instagram, there’s a good chance you do like pictures of cats).