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High Water Everywhere

Charley Patton, father of the delta blues, was born in Mississippi in 1891. He only lived until 1934, when he died of heart failure, but in that short 40-odd years, he transformed American music. According to this site, he recorded 57 tracks between 1929…

Ten Days, Ten Albums, Some Explanation

Over on Facebook, a bunch of my friends have been doing this thing where they post a series of albums that influenced them significantly. Over the course of ten days, you post ten album covers, but offer no explanation as to how or why…

Trouble No More

I’ve been listening to the latest entry in Bob Dylan’s long-running Bootleg Series, Trouble No More, which catalogs his “born again” years, 1979-1981.  It’s mostly just live versions and alternate takes of the songs from his three born again albums: Slow Train Coming, Saved,…

Protest Music

Punk-rock angry.

Happy Valentine’s Day 2017

Love is a battlefield. Watch for landmines.

Nobel Laureate Bob Dylan

Hey look, another post about Bob Dylan. Big surprise, huh?

“Watered-Down Love”: Dylan’s Born Again Albums, Reconsidered

Dylan + Born-Again Christianity = Shrug Emoji.