From the Ashes

As I type this, the book is going through Kindle Direct Publishing’s setup process.  I’ve got everything uploaded, and the Royal James version of the book has been taken down off the web.  Within a day or two, the book will be available on Amazon again, this time directly from me.

It’s a little strange, going back to doing it all myself.  No more middle man nonsense.  I get to control the price and see the results and the totals and not have to sit here, wondering about everything because I don’t have any access to the data.

I’m still not sure if it’ll be better or worse.  It’ll be different.  Everything is back on my shoulders now.  I’m not just the guy writing the book anymore; I’m also responsible for the marketing and the formatting and everything in between.  That’s probably for the best.

It’ll take another day or two for me to set up the paperback version again.  I need to make sure everything is kosher and they don’t try to take it down because it’s exactly like a book that was just taken down off the site.  Good times.

Letting Go

It’s less than two weeks away.  On December 19, you can hold my book in your hot little hands…well, the kindle version.  You can order a print copy that day, but you won’t get it until a few days later.  Maybe in time for Christmas?  I honestly do not know.

Working with a publisher is definitely different than working by myself, though.  One of the biggest differences is the lack of control I have over things.  I want to do things my way, put the book out when I’m ready to do so, things like that.  I’ve never been good at relinquishing control of things.  Trusting someone else with the story I’ve been working on for over a decade?  It’s tough.

But those are just my hang ups.  Working with Royal James Publishing should ultimately be pretty rewarding.  They’ve been a big help so far with helping set up the marketing and all that.  The cover turned out great, even if they didn’t go with my original idea (I figure they’ve got actual experience designing covers and things, whereas I do not, so I’m gonna trust they know what they’re doing.  Besides, I really do like the cover a lot).  I have to trust my partners in this.  They want this book to be successful as much as I do.  I mean, for me, it’s a passion project, but not my only source of income.  Not even my primary source of income.  Hell, maybe not even my secondary source of income (we’re talking tertiary, behind my day job and driving for Uber, largely because I’ve made a grand total of $0 off the book so far).  I mostly just want folks to read and enjoy my book.  The publisher wants it to be financially successful.

So, yeah, hard as it is for me to give up control of things, as hard as it is for me to let someone else take responsibility for aspects of my work, I don’t really have a choice at the moment.  And that’s okay.  Learning to let go can be a liberating experience.