Brain Droppings

I don’t really have any specific topic to rant about today, so I’ll just give you a rundown of how my week has gone and hope that it’s entertaining enough for you.  If it’s not, tough; I’ve been sick most of the week, so my ability to care has been greatly diminished.

Monday was my birthday.  I’ve inched into the “late 30s” demographic, and realized I’m closer to AARP than I am to high school.  Or college, even.  I did get to see my brother, who stopped by on his way to DC for some meetings (yeah, he does meetings with members of Congress in DC, the poor bastard).  My wife bought me many books for my birthday (including Neil Gaiman’s new Norse Mythology, which I’m going to enjoy the heck out of), and my sister-in-law got me the Hamilton Soundtrack on vinyl, because she is the awesomest.


Me, on Tuesday.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been pretty ill this week.  Sore throat, aching body, head that felt like it might fall off if I moved it too quickly.  On Tuesday, I was able to lay in bed all morning and then on the couch all afternoon, but didn’t feel up to anything else (I think I managed to drink a ginger ale or two that afternoon and I ate some Saltines, but that was it).  Wednesday was somewhat better.  My body didn’t feel like it was betraying me every time I moved and my head felt clearer, though my throat was still sore.  I was able to do things like go to the Apple Store to find out what was wrong with my laptop (answer: battery was swelling, which was not something I was aware batteries did), then run around all creation getting what I needed to replace said battery.  It’s done, thankfully.

Today…well, I’ve come in to work this morning, but I’m wondering if it was the right choice.  My throat is still very sore, and I spent five minutes this morning dry heaving for no apparent reason.  So that was good times.

Anyway, my dad’s supposed to be in the area this weekend while he and his wife are in DC for a thing at the Museum of the American Indian.  I looking forward to getting to see them.  Assuming I can stop dry heaving, that is.