Book FAQs

I’ve been getting some questions about The Invisible Crown, and I thought I’d address a bunch of them all at once just to save us all some time.

Q: When does the book come out?

A: December 19, 2016.  Less than a month from now!

Q: How much is the book?

A: The Kindle version is $4.99.  The print version will be more, I would imagine.  If previous titles released by my publisher are any indication, expect it to be around $15.

Q: Speaking of the print version, why can’t I pre-order that?

A: I asked my publisher.  It’s something to do with our vendors.  There won’t be a pre-order for the print version, but the print version will be available for purchase the same day the Kindle version is available to download.

Q: What about an audiobook?

A: Don’t know yet, but I’m working on trying to arrange that for those of you who want me in your ears.

Q: I read your old self-published stories, including the novella Missing Person that this book is based on.  Why should I buy this new book?

A: Aside from the shiny new cover and professional editing?  This is a completely revamped book, with 60% brand-new, never-before-read material!  Sure, the bones of the story are the same, and even some passages were lifted completely from the old story, but it’s a new book.  There’ll be a bunch of changes in book 2 as well, even though that was originally self-published, too.

Q: You just mentioned a second book.  Does that mean this is a series?  When will the rest of the series be available?

A: This is a series!  The second book will be out probably next December.  There will also be a short story set in the Hazzard Universe out sometime in the spring.  At present, there are seven books planned for the series.  The first four have been written, and the fifth book is in-progress.  Books six and seven have rough outlines.  Beyond that?  Well, there’s also almost a dozen short stories that will be released every so often (and eventually collected in print).  And maybe I’ll come up with some more novels, who knows?

Q: I don’t wanna wait!  Why do I have to wait so long for each new book?

A: Mostly because I’m not the only author at my publisher.  They want to give each book plenty of time to grow its audience and get attention before they jump right into the next one.  So, short answer is that I’m not their only author, so I can’t just crank out a book whenever I want.  But this is a good thing, too, because it means there’ll be books to look forward to for years to come.

Q: Will you be doing any signings?

A: I’m a little flabbergasted why anyone would want this but hey, it’s your book.  Trouble is, I don’t do this for a living (not yet, anyway!), so I can’t really just go out on a book signing tour or anything.  I’m trying to arrange something in my neck of the woods in Northern Virginia, probably just after the New Year, but aside from that?  It could be tricky.  I might do a signing in Oklahoma in the summer when I go out to visit my folks, but I’d need someone to set that up for me probably.

If you’ve got any other questions, feel free to leave them in the comments and I’ll try to answer them.  Remember, the book can be pre-ordered right now!

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