Playlist #9

Kickin’ back, takin’ it easy, sleepin’ in until way later than I should…these are all things I am doing right now. Here’s this week’s list:

  1. MILCK, “Quiet”: We watched a neat documentary series about pop music on Netflix last week, and this song was featured on the episode about protest music. It’s a #metoo song about refusing to remain silent about sexual abuse, and it’s a damn good song.
  2. Parker Millsap & Sarah Jarosz, “Your Water”: Millsap is an Okie! And this song coulda just been pumped straight into my veins and I would’ve been mighty fine with it.
  3. Angels & AIrwaves, “Everything’s Magic”: A student of mine years ago turned me onto this song. It’s not a band I’m particularly familiar with, nor a style that I’d usually go for, but it’s fun and bouncy and the album cover looks like a Star Wars poster.
  4. Augustines, “Cruel City”: Can a city be cruel? The Augustines seem to think so, and it’s a pretty damn good song, so we’ll go with “yes.”
  5. Bahamas, “Lost in the Light”: When I think of the Bahamas, I think of ocean breezes and strummy guitars. I don’t usually think of choirs, though, but this song has one of those as well.
  6. Ben Lee, “Catch My Disease (That’s the Way I Like It)”: I’m not particularly sure what disease Ben Lee wants people to catch, but if he’s a carrier for something he should really see a doctor and stop singin’ about it.
  7. Yeasayer, “Rome”: I first came across this band on the Dark Was the Night project. This song sounds nothing like the song they did on that album, but it’s still very catchy and fast and I like the little electronic squiggles.
  8. Stone Temple Pilots, “Dancin’ Days”: Many years ago, my father picked up a CD that was a collection of bands doing Led Zeppelin covers. It was called Encomium. This song is off that collection, It’s on this list specifically to remind you that you could, in fact, be listening to Led Zeppelin instead of this particular cover. Why aren’t you doing that?
  9. Spacehog, “In the Meantime”: Someday, I will put together a list of songs by ’90s bands with weird-ass names. This song will be on there, because c’mon, Spacehog? Spacehog? Was there not a second round of voting on the band name before y’all picked that one?
  10. Sheryl Crow, “Mississippi”: Another cover?! Well, yes. I like covers. And this one of a Bob Dylan tune (released before Dylan released his own version of the song on Love & Theft) is actually pretty darn good.
See what I mean about it looking like a Star Wars poster? Seriously, imagine the guy on the bike had a lightsaber.

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