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Spirit in the Sky

I’ve talked before about how dumb I was as a young man (spoiler alert: real dumb). A prime example would be the following story: In my first semester in college, I took a Biology class. It occurred right after my World History survey course and…

The Saga of the Mysterious KU Page Reads

**FINAL UPDATE: Thanks to the hard work of indie author Marie Force and her Indie Author Support Network, my Kindle Direct Publishing account has been reinstated! I cannot thank her enough for her help, and I highly recommend other indie authors join the Indie…

In Praise of Short Stories

I’ve been stalling out working on novel-length stuff lately, but I have been working on short stories. I’ve always liked short stories. I enjoy being able to get in, tell a story,  and get out. You don’t have to worry about setting things up…

Death Comes Calling

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Anniversary Gifts

We are the best at gift giving. The best.

The Hidden Throne Now Available!

It’s finally here! Publication day! Book Two of the Hazzard Pay Series, The Hidden Throne, is now available for purchase on Amazon in convenient ebook and dead tree versions. Pick up your copy today!


If only my rough sketches were this good.


For what it’s worth.


Damn, but I have some angry thoughts.


A man without a publisher.

Brain Droppings

Not how I figured I’d spend my first week of being 37.

Another Old Guitar

I talk about another old guitar, but not as a metaphor this time.