Progress Notes

Just thought I’d give you guys an update on Book #2.  I’m about halfway through the manuscript, plugging right along a few pages at a time.  There’s a couple of spots I want to go back and completely rewrite now, but I want to get through the basic edits first.

My current goal is to have Book #2 done and sent off by the end of September.  Yeah, it’s not my original goal (which was the end of July), but it still gives my editor plenty of time to go through it (the book won’t be released until next December, after all).

I’m still waiting to hear back from said editor on Book #1.  I’m starting to get anxious about it all, since the book release is only three months out (!).  I’m still not sure what the metrics are for me to consider the release a success; I guess if folks other than my parents read it, I’ll be happy.  I want to try to go to some conventions next year to try to sell it, but we’ll have to see if that’s feasible or not.

In other news, I’ve started another short story set in the Hazzard universe, only this one is told from the perspective of his always-capable assistant, Ellen Typewell.  I’m pretty excited about it, even if I don’t have the thing fully plotted just yet.  I guess we’ll see where it goes.

Summer Break

It’s been a relaxing summer break so far.  I haven’t accomplished a fraction of the things I wanted to do yet, but I keep telling myself there are several weeks left in the break and I’ll probably get around to most of them eventually.

Today is going to be a big writing-related day.  I’ve got a couple of contracts for upcoming releases to look over and sign (new stories for next year!  Hurray!), a non-fiction article to proofread and edit, and it would be good if I made some progress on editing book 2.

I did buy a new guitar amp yesterday, apropos of nothing.  A basically brand-new Fender Blues Jr. owned by an older gentleman who’d bought it but never took it out of the home.  Got a nice deal on it, too.  The second-hand musical instrument world can be a mite expensive on occasion; a big reason I grabbed this particular amp was that it was the cheapest I’d seen one of them on craigslist in quite some time.  Everyone wants $500 for their battered and hard-used amplifier, and they always think they’re doing you a favor by offering up such a bargain.  But you can buy one of these amps new for just a little more than that, so it ain’t quite the deal they claim.  This guy offered what was essentially a new amp at far less than his competitors on craigslist, so I grabbed it.  I’m looking forward to making the neighbors complain about the noise.

I should also mention that I’ve set up a Patreon page.  Not for my writing, mind you, but for my webcomic.  It’d be nice if that started earning me a bit of extra cash.  Feel free to check it out; I recently redid the reward tiers and made things more comic-relevant, so it’s worth taking a look at.