Summer Break

It’s been a relaxing summer break so far.  I haven’t accomplished a fraction of the things I wanted to do yet, but I keep telling myself there are several weeks left in the break and I’ll probably get around to most of them eventually.

Today is going to be a big writing-related day.  I’ve got a couple of contracts for upcoming releases to look over and sign (new stories for next year!  Hurray!), a non-fiction article to proofread and edit, and it would be good if I made some progress on editing book 2.

I did buy a new guitar amp yesterday, apropos of nothing.  A basically brand-new Fender Blues Jr. owned by an older gentleman who’d bought it but never took it out of the home.  Got a nice deal on it, too.  The second-hand musical instrument world can be a mite expensive on occasion; a big reason I grabbed this particular amp was that it was the cheapest I’d seen one of them on craigslist in quite some time.  Everyone wants $500 for their battered and hard-used amplifier, and they always think they’re doing you a favor by offering up such a bargain.  But you can buy one of these amps new for just a little more than that, so it ain’t quite the deal they claim.  This guy offered what was essentially a new amp at far less than his competitors on craigslist, so I grabbed it.  I’m looking forward to making the neighbors complain about the noise.

I should also mention that I’ve set up a Patreon page.  Not for my writing, mind you, but for my webcomic.  It’d be nice if that started earning me a bit of extra cash.  Feel free to check it out; I recently redid the reward tiers and made things more comic-relevant, so it’s worth taking a look at.

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