Though I’d deny it until my dying day if someone asked me directly, I am a bit obsessed with my appearance.  Over the past few years, I’ve become something of a clothes horse, building up a vast array of shirts and pants and shoes that I can mix and match to create a variety of (what I consider) stylish outfits.

I do a bit of accessorizing, too, but only on my left hand.

That may sound strange, but there’s a totally legitimate reason for it.

See, for as long as I’ve worn any sort of accessories (specifically, watches, which I wore habitually for pretty much all of middle school, high school, and college), it’s always been on my left hand.  When I got married, the wedding band naturally went on the left ring finger.  For a time, I wore my Fitbit on my right wrist, but it always felt weird and I always had to take it off when I played the guitar, since it would hit the strings and add lots of extra steps I hadn’t actually taken as I strummed.  So, I put everything on the left hand, ’cause it’s the one that doesn’t do all that much.  My right hand is for strumming, drawing, and writing.  Wearing stuff on that wrist/hand just gets in the way.  But the left wrist feels natural and comfortable, and I don’t end up with those extra unearned steps.

So, if you ever see me and my left wrist/hand seems over-accessorized compared to the right, you know the reason.  It may be a strange, silly reason, but it’s the one I’m sticking to.

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