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Oh No, I’m Listening To Huey Lewis Again

Back on my shiz.

Ten Days, Ten Albums, Some Explanation

Over on Facebook, a bunch of my friends have been doing this thing where they post a series of albums that influenced them significantly. Over the course of ten days, you post ten album covers, but offer no explanation as to how or why…

“Even the Losers”

Since Tom Petty’s untimely death a few months back, I’ve gone back and listened to a lot of his stuff. All of it, really. It takes a while to digest that many songs, but I started to notice patterns and tropes and themes. He’s…

The Tom Petty Discography – A Primer

Ever since I heard about Tom Petty’s passing on Monday, I’ve been listening to his music, both with and without the Heartbreakers (though let’s be honest: even when it was billed as  solo Tom Petty outing, Mike Campbell and Benmont Tench were along for…

Tom Petty

When my wife and I first got together, we went to a Tom Petty concert at Jiffy Lube Live (nee Nissan Pavilion). It was a great show, as every Tom Petty show I’ve ever been to was: he played the hits, running through them…

Favorites: Electric Light Orchestra

I turn to stone.

The Doubleclicks – Love Problems

More sensitive badassery from the Doubleclicks!

Gail Simone, Comics Badass

I’m a shaaaaaaark!

Happy Valentine’s Day 2017

Love is a battlefield. Watch for landmines.

Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers’ Echo Reconsidered

I ❤ Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers.

Favoites: Hamilton, An American Musical

I am not throwing away my shot.

Paperback Writer

The Beatles were my first musical love.  It’s not that unusual, of course.  Lots of folks claim the Fab Four as their favorite band.  They’re one of the most popular bands in history, with scads of #1 hits, platinum albums, and a sound that, while…