A good pair of headphones is hard to find.

Nearly a decade ago, I got a pair of Bose earbuds (see above). They are, hands down, the best, most comfortable earbuds I’ve ever owned. They fit perfectly and sound amazing.

I’ve noticed the trend lately for earbuds to include those weird hook thingies, ostensibly to keep them in the ear better. I hate those things, mostly because they don’t fit in my ear very well and are just remarkably uncomfortable.

The upshot of all that is, the older my earbuds get, the more concerned I become a out their continued utility. They’re eventually going to break and need to be replaced. And, if rumors about the next iPhone are to be believed, I’ll probably have to upgrade to wireless earbuds. Trouble is, now they’ve all got those damned hook thingies. You can’t hardly find earbuds without them.

All I want are earbuds that sound as good as the ones I have, fit comfortably into my ears, and are wireless maybe.

So, if someone at Bose could get back to me on that, I’d appreciate it.

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