Kicking Television

See the image at the top of this post? Yeah, that’s what my tv screen currently looks like. It is not supposed to look like that. It’s this tv’s version of the blue screen of death, basically.

Someday, years from now when consumer goods aren’t made with planned obsolescence built in as a feature (so, like, never), I will be able to make it through an entire summer without something needing catastrophic repairs or replacement. Last summer, the Wife’s car needed $1400 in repairs and one of the cats needed almost twice that in dental work. This summer, it’s just the tv, but it’s still a source of frustration.

That being said, did you know I have a Patreon page? It’s more set up for folks who follow the comic, but anyone can support me on it. Anyone, including you fine folks! You get rewards and stuff, I get some extra cash to support my comic and novel and music pursuits. Maybe consider it, huh? Even a dollar or two a month will add up eventually. 

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